CWPIR (Collective Wired PIR)

The Collective Wired PIR sensor can be connected to the Collective MPU.
First, these little guys need to be powered by connecting them to the CMPU or an ESP32/ESP8266 module. Now that we’ve covered that, you can use this for room presence with up to 4 sensors connected to one CMPU. Re-trigger period on these little guys is two seconds and the sensitivity can be manually adjusted on the device. Two Seconds. Two.

That translates into no child shall move through a room undetected with these on watch. These are wired, so battery life is not an issue. So far, we’ve tested them at a wired distance of 15 feet from the MPU. YMMV.
These also work well with the bed sensor kit. Combining pressure with motion makes this automation very stable and reliable.

We’ve actually created flows in Node-RED for these automations. That makes these devices flexible enough to be used on almost any platform. And since our flexibility knows no bounds, you can also connect them to a stand-alone ESP32/ESP8266 module.

We’re in the process of getting these items set up for presales. In an effort to keep our heads in the game and keep marketing costs at a minimum as to route as much support into CORE as possible, we’ll be offering these kits here and on Facebook. It’s going to take me a bit of time to get payments set up, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to share this info with your friends. We’re also in the process of testing and finishing up development for the CWCS (Collective Wired Contact Sensor), and CPS (Collective Pressure Sensor) in coming posts.

It’s taking a bit of time to make sure that we’re obtaining quality components, but rest assured we’re working towards getting CORE out there to you and we appreciate that you’re still here.

We’re working on photos. I’m having some trouble with my camera. :rofl: