Crazy times!

Obviously I don’t know how the situation looks like elsewhere in the world, but the current electrical prices here in Sweden are completely nuts at the moment!! Below will be the expected price for tomorrow evening between 7PM and 8PM, this will correlate to just shy of $1 or 1€ including taxes!!

Skärmavbild 2022-08-22 kl. 20.50.52

The only slick thing is that my current supplier do have an existing node in Node-RED… perhaps I’ll try to create a flow that announce peak prices every morning!? :upside_down_face:


My wallet just screamed in sympathy… I can’t speak for all of the US, but where I am we have a flat set rate that can only increase I believe once a year. I pay about .20kwh right now… I could not imaging my bill doubling, much less increasing up to 5x.

Now you have me thinking about building a wind turbine and solar window and water heaters again :see_no_evil:

This is exactly what our government is advocating, but it’s apparently going too slow for the community… from what I read the other day, Germany will restart a few of their closed nuclear plants again due to lack of gas because of the crisis in Ukraine. Perhaps this route is the right way even for Sweden… at least as a temporary solution.

One advantage of Canada (Quebec) are the energy prices :grin: 0.063$ per kwh :pray:


~$0.12 here on the east coast, jealous of your rates @Flucko!



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Same here in Victoria, Australia. I am with a power provider that passes wholesale rates on and with Winter, low solar, calm winds and fossil fuel gouging we have see prices spike to $15/kWh. Across a given day it is not unusual to see A$0.70/kWh.

Of course, in a given week, I will usually have many hours of A$0.05/kWh which lets me charge my car at least. I have a NR flow that watches the current wholesale rate and triggers a charge at an appropriately low price. The power provider also controls my Tesla Powerwall pull power when it is cheap and feeding it back when the prices are high so that my total bill is minimised.