CORE - Hardware Beta win!

I was just reflecting on the CORE experience a little bit. I was thinking to myself, i said self, this little CORE box is pretty neat. What else is there for me to do with it. The answer I had was nothing.

From the perspective of we are testing hardware at this point, I have found not one fault with the way this nifty little box performs. Zwave has been solid. Zigbee no issues except those I brought on myself. Lan integrations were a cake walk with HA.

Since I am preparing for a move I have not gone into full “production” with CORE. I can however easily see the path to get there at the new place.

So I just wanted to say thanks to the Oh-La team and am very much looking forward to what the future of CORE brings!


I’d agree… For little I have asked of mine… Once us developers are let loose, that will be the true test :wink:

Not that we haven’t been offered that opportunity… just finding my “in” to where I can add value to what so many others have done through systems like HA and NR… Such a good choice to bring these on board the Core platform.