Connect Windows to MQTT & Node-RED

I wanted a way to pop up a video if someone tripped my cameras. We discovered HASS Agent. It will do just that. If you don’t use Home Assistant, you don’t need to start using it to use the Agent. You only want the MQTT integration anyway.

Download HASS Agent from here

Install is straight forward.

Open Configuration and set up MQTT. This is exactly why it was recommended that you set up an MQTT password from the beginning. You MUST have a username and password to use this.

Enter your CORE IP address under Broker IP

Enter your MQTT username and password.

The fields that you need to care about are boxed in yellow. Make sure that your configuration looks like the one below using your own username, password, and ip address.

HASS Agent

You can pull computer information, trigger lights, etc
You can receive notifications.
You can use it to control media on your computer, but is a bit complicated. As I plan to use this to pop up a media window to display a triggered camera, I’ll more likely do a writeup later.

To get started, right click on the HASS icon in the system tray and choose Manage Local Sensors


Click Add New

In the above photo, you can see the line - HORNET_lastactive …

this is the result of the add new. You need to add each attribute that you desire. Remember to only adde the ones you need. You can go back and add others as you need them.

You can find the data in MQTT Explorer, but that is a write-up for a different time. This should get you going in the right direction to figure things out on your own.

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