Collective CORE 3d printed mount

Hi All,

I designed a Collective CORE mount using Tinkercad which you can find here. I figured id create this because even though CORE has screw mounts, this is still very handy to quickly and easily remove and then pop back in.

EDIT: adding this picture to show people example of how it looks and functions.


Are you open to some feedback on the design?

It does not look like it has any retention mechanism, so upward pressure on the cables would still lift the device, and it can’t mount vertically?

What did you print/intend to print it in, from previously developing mounts for HE devices, this looks a little flimsy for PLA?

Just to let you know this design does work and was used for sometime. It never moved or fell out in fact it did the job perfectly.

Also it was mounted vertically. Feel free to remix the design if you want I don’t mind in fact I welcome people refining this for their purposes it’s why I posted it :slight_smile:

EDIT: good point though I have just added an example in my post to show it in action.

As per the Thingiverse link here you can see the print setting details including the material used.

It’s got grip. I’ve seen it in action. It’s a perfect fit. That’s why it holds so well.