Child Devices not Created - NDIS IR Bridge

Hi Marcus,

I have been fighting this for a while and have waited till I have exhusted everything I know before posting. I had this device working correctly on Hubitat but because I am monumently stupid and know much better I trashed the Hubutat with a power outage and I did not have a backup. I have no completly rebuilt it and all is working (including my other Tasmota devices) apart from this IR bridge.

No matter what I do I cant get the app to create the child devices. I have updated the firmware and the driver, issued a reset 5, removed it and installed it several times but it never creates them.

|Program Version|8.5.1(ir-he)|

|Build Date & Time|2020-10-21T23:49:36|
|Core/SDK Version|2_7_4_1/2.2.2-dev(38a443e)|

Config Tasmota Config Uptime Heartbeat Wifi Firmware Driver Status Type
](|0T00:00:29|0T00:00:09|84%|8.5.1(ir-he)|v1.1.1.1123T|Available|Universal Parent|

Can you give me a clue?

Many thanks


Hi David!
Just wanted to let you know that Markus is around, but his timezone does not always play to our favor. A half day later there. That being said, he’s getting some much needed rest. It may take him a bit of time as we keep him very busy with our ongoing project, but he will respond. I’ll keep an eye out to make sure we get some answers for you. Please let me know if you’re not hearing anything within a day or so.

Hi April,

No rush, its hardly mission critical and when I can finally find where our two year old has hidden the heater remote control I can even turn it on and off :slight_smile:

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Is there any chance of a reply to this. I have spent most of today trying to make it work but whaterver I seem to do I never get a child device?

My apologies, David. Markus has been super busy with … things. :wink:
I will send this directly over to him now. It’s only 04:45 there, so I anticipate he’ll receive it when he wakes. I’ll set a reminder to check it later and when I talk to him, I’ll mention it.

Sorry, I had missed this completely, you need to use the old legacy drivers which are only for the IR bridge for receiving commands. If you want to send IR commands you can use the Universal Parent and the Send Command method.

The old legacy drivers are here, but I don’t even remember which one to use:

Hope this helps

Thanks Marcus. I only want to send commands, my problem is that I dont get a chlld device and I dent see the send command in the parent. I must have the wrong parent driver installed perhaps?

For that you need my latest Tasmota Universal Parent. There will be no child devices. Just use the Send Command method.


I am not getting the commands.

This is using 1214Tb but I also tried it with 1123


That is very odd, can you check in the source code that you have these lines in there?:

       command "toggle"

       command "sendCommand", [[name:"Command*", type: "STRING", description: "Tasmota Command"],
            [name:"Argument", type: "STRING", description: "Argument (optional)"]]

        command "parseJSON", [[name:"JSON*", type: "STRING", description: "Tasmota Status as JSON"]]

Which version of the HE firmware are you running?

Thanks for your help.

I can confirm that those lines are in the source code of the parent device. Hubitat version is

Hubitat Elevation® Platform Version

Hardware Version

Rev C-7

Since I can’t update to 2.2.4, could you please try to change these lines:

command "toggle"

       command "sendCommand", [[name:"Command*", type: "STRING", description: "Tasmota Command"],
            [name:"Argument", type: "STRING", description: "Argument (optional)"]]

        command "parseJSON", [[name:"JSON*", type: "STRING", description: "Tasmota Status as JSON"]]

to this:

command "toggle"

       command "sendCommand", [[name:"Command*", type: "STRING", description: "Tasmota Command"], [name:"Argument", type: "STRING", description: "Argument (optional)"]]

        command "parseJSON", [[name:"JSON*", type: "STRING", description: "Tasmota Status as JSON"]]

In short, just make the two-line command sendCommand into a one-line.

Im sorry about the delay in getting back to you. That change did not put the command onto the device screen. I am not a programmer but I have some idea so I messed around and I can create buttons on that dvice screen and amend ones that are there (using sendcomand) so I am not sure why your code does not work