Child device not being created with Sonoff RF bridge

Hi Markus, hope you are fine.

My last two frontiers to finally getting rid for good the ST is the IR and RF devices (child).

I installed your new APP with the modified .bin, which by the way is fantastic fast, and added both IR and RF which none have childs to add below. So I deleted the Tasmota Manager completely and tried to install the Tasmota Connect (old version) from github. Also the same, when it comes to the child devices, eventhough with the rf-ir.groovy devices installed they dont appear to me to add from the App.

So the 1 million dollar question is, what am I doing wrong?

Hi @Alexjcgdf

What is it that you want to accomplish, send IR/RF or receive? There is a big difference in how it is to be achieved. There are no automatic child devices created in either case, but for receiving you can set them up “manually” in the old driver.

I have in this three distinct cases:

1 - I need to receive RF from the childs like contact sensors, presence sensors.
2 - I need to send RF commands to my blinder
3 - I need to send IR commands to my AC and my TV
4 - I need to receive IR commands from the TV remote so it understand I turned it off from the reomte instead of the automation.

my RF is a SONOFF bridge with tasmo/portish
my IR is a generic YTF one

For the questions 1 I was able to understand how to do it. I use the old (Parent/Child) RF driver from your legacy repository.

But where to go regarding 2 and 3?

Once more, thanks again!

This can be done in the Universal Parent device as a custom command sent with sendCommand. sendCommand takes any command which can be sent to Tasmota:

You end up with one set of devices for receiving and one for sending. The one for receiving is an old set of drivers which hasn’t been updated for a long time, they work well for receiving but never had the sending part implemented.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Can I use an Old Driver and the New driver at the same time since the device is just a bridge for commands?

In case for IR, is there a child driver with some porpoise like “virtual AC” or “virtual Switch”? If not am I able to create it on the Parent Device directly?

Yes, you can, just make sure to use an ID that is different on the Universal Parent since that one doesn’t need to receive incoming calls from the device, but the old driver does.

For sending there really isn’t a device, you could link a virtual device through NR or RM to the sendCommand command of the Universal Parent.

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