Cheap Zigbee Motion Sensor Recommendations

So after finding those cheap Xfinity (Visonic) contact sensors I figured I would look for some motion sensors as well. Lo and behold, there are also a ton of Xfinity (again Visonic) MP-841 motion sensors for sale on eBay, but their price does not seem to be as good as the contact sensors (best deal I found was ~$10 per sensor). But that was not the issue, I went researching this device and Z2M supports it so that is fine, but I found a HE post that said that the reset time was 2 minutes, and comparing that to my Hue motion sensors (which I think are configurable down to 5 seconds) and my Iris 3326-L’s which are 30 seconds, 2 minutes just does not seem acceptable. So that’s why I am here, what are people using these days for cheap, quick, and efficient motion sensors?

I know that the FP1 has been making the rounds and I see that the Sonoff sensor gets mentioned once or twice, but other than that, any other gems that people are willing to disclose?

Motion sensors … it’s unfortunate that there’s nothing cheap out there anymore. The aqara p1 sensors look promising. They have a configurable time out now. AS LONG AS it’s the P1 series. But, they’re about 21$ and it’s hard to know what you’re getting from aliexpress. I’m still using the trusty ol iris v2 motions.


April is right. Nothing Is any more cheap out there. Expecially for EU residents.
Sonoff disappointed me. They are (were) cheap and quite fast but they are not configurable at all. Even worse some of my 9 devices does’nt work properly after few months.

I’d also weigh up the cost of batteries, if you are looking for battery powered sensors. Like you I have Hue motion sensors and just started replacing the batteries in my 4 year old sensors. I am trialling lower powered recharchable AAA’s, but may eventually go to reputable non-rechargeable batteries, which I still expect will be cheaper and last longer than many CR coin batteries.

I guess the upshot of that is I would still recommend forking out for Hue sensors myself. Reliable, loooonnngg battery life and quick reset.