Centralized user GitHub NR

I have 2 subflows I use that would be good general purpose flows. I was thinking a central git repo for people to search might be an idea? I can share in the forum, but I’m afraid of that becoming too hard to find stuff. Thoughts from others?

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We’ve talked about this internally for other things as well, such as container config files to run 3rd party containers not already included. The only concern is that pull requests are not something everyone are used to dealing with unless you’re a developer (and not even all developers use them often).
I would love to schedule a Teams meeting to talk about this and other areas of where to go with 3rd-party development on CORE. I think it would be a good start with it in such a call (no recording of the call allowed for privacy reasons) and then take it back to the community, who would take me up on joining such a meeting?


I would join in. I’d be very interested in seeing something like this organized. And who knows. I may figure enought out eventually to contribute. :upside_down_face: