Can't save tile resize changes on Hubitat

Been using Smartly on HE for a long time, zero issues. However, currently in (and possibly earlier, but just noticed it now) I’m finding that when i resize a tile (new or existing) and save the changes and then turn off smartly mode, the tile returns to it’s original size/shape.

New tile created"
2022-10-11 14_09_26-Chrome Main

Saved changes
2022-10-11 14_09_18-

Tile returns to original size after hitting the green paw:
2022-10-11 14_09_26-Chrome Main

Running version here, and the process still works. If this a issue unfortunately there will likely not be an update to smartly. My recommendation would be to use the HE resize options.

What about moving tiles, do those changes get retained? Without running I cannot test it, and curious the extent of the issue.

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Yup - moving tiles is not saved either, so something fundamental has been broken, unfortunately. HE’s native tiles are still an ugly hot mess, unfortunately, from a visual/setup perspective.

I posted on the HE topic that I also think the structure has changed. @TechMedX - if you can locate this section of the dashboard in Chrome Dev tools, it may help understand whether 2.3.3 has changed around here (I’m running 2.3.3):

We’ve done the testing/log reviewing we can on our end, and are not seeing any good clues on this. Is there anyone else around who might be able to help w/tracking down where/how the HE FW update broke Smartly?

checking into it, will let you know.