Can I tweak a SONOFF NSPanel to show CORE data?

I would like to use such (or similar) panel to connect to mqtt to show some device data.
I have no idea what such a panel contains.
Is It accessible, tweakable ?

I’m also interested in following what’s possible here. I had read about the NSPanel previously (as well as the Pro) but had completely forgotten about them.

Have just been doing some further reading and it looks like flashing the NSPanel with different firmware - either Tasmota or ESPHome could be an option here.

What do you think of the NSPanel itself?

If I had one, I’d flash with Tasmota firmware and then hopefully Core > NodeRed > MQTT > NSPanel should be possible (if my research is correct).

I have no idea how to let a tasmota panel display any data, no to speak about mqtt.
I would like a C or Python development target environment with mqtt and display libraries/packages.

Is it possible to flash these with esphome?

TyzzyT/Sonoff-NSPanel-with-ESPHome: This is my NSPanel config, used in collaboration with ESPHome and Home Assistant (


or via Tasmota:

Curiosity has got to me… have ordered a NSPanel (not pro).

Tasmota. But After? What can I do ? Can I subscribe to CORE mqtt to get data ? How can I display the gathered data ? Is there a devo language in a Tasmota device able to drive the panel ?

Sorry for my numeros question marks.

EDIT: some of my question’s answers are in the above referente by @nutcracker . But many are not. ( e.g. where to write “rules” , rules see the mqtt data, as in the referente samples?)

Based on my limited research (but enough to peak my interest and purchase a unit!) yes it should be possible to have the NSPanel effectively communicate via MQTT. Some of the examples I’ve seen cater for things that you’d want to have (lights, switches, temperature, media, etc) and with potential coding could be expanded upon (haven’t looked at that closely enough to see if possible).

This example uses Tasmota and MQTT and is based on the HomeAssistance Lovelace UI design.

I would assume NodeRed would be the rules engine here and based on your scenario being met, it would publish to an MQTT topic as well as receive updates from the NSPanel back into NodeRed via a topic.

Rule1 on NSPanel#ATCEnable do Publish cmnd/heater/Power1 %value% endon

I was referting to the above rule. I image NSPanel#ATCEnable Is the mqtt source , power1 Is the widget we want to display %value% to, where %value% Is the values of the ACTEnable Key in the mqtt received msg.
Where do I write such a rule ?

Sorry I can’t answer that for sure until my unit arrives and I can start playing…
This PDF may assist in visualising how this all hangs together and so there’s no reason why a combination of NodeRed > MQTT > NSPanel could work here. This PDF uses OpenHab but the Core/NodeRed can replace that.

Thank you. I think I’m going to get one too. !

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That is a Tasmota rule and is entered into the Tasmota device itself via the console.

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:+1: Good.
Time to buy

Waiting for some good pictures of a working mini “dashboard” to buy one :slight_smile:

I would like to see also a file with rules to connect one of the widgets (Powerx?) to a real relay, same as to show a snsor value. Is it ?
Are there widgets able to display sensor values?

Is it possible to use NSPanel pro too or it is a completely different architecture, as I feel?

I’m not sure… it runs Android natively (as I understand) so likely a completely different ball game to consider. It also runs as a Zigbee coordinator. It appears to be possible to sideload apps to the pro and there are somethings it could do. More info Sideload Apps to Sonoff NSPanel Pro | Blakadder's Smarthome Shenanigans

If you can sideload, you can likely also root the device and install a different OS if you really want to and have the skills and knowledge to do so, assuming there arent already projects tackling this for you.

Sideloading means you have access to a bunch of different apps that can be used to interface with NR/HA/MQTT/ETC and you can even use one of the android creation apps to make your own app to interface with them.

Personally I use Rooted Fire tablets running android and fully kiosk to interface with the various installs on my CORE. Usually its a customized HA dash showing common controls youd want right at the door, including video stream.

They are only there for guests and wow factor these days, as I find that I have little need to manually control anything anymore.

If you haven’t heard of fully kiosk, I highly recommend looking into it. Its a great tool to have in the home automation bag, especially for creating interfaces that people can use, without having access to things you don’t want them too.


In my very limited spare time, I’ve been doing some playing… coming along nicely.
[CORE] → [NodeRED] <-> [MQTT] <-> [Sonoff NSPanel]

I’ve still a few things to sort out and tidy up but happy that its working. I thought I had bricked the unit after I had flashed it and was tweaking things - so ordered another unit - but all was actually fine in the end! :slight_smile: