Buy 3 wyze outdoor get 1 free

I’ve been contemplating a few more wyze outdoor cams, but hadn’t pulled the trigger yet. I happened over to the site last night to find that they had a flash sale buy 3 get the 4th free! I went back and checked again to see if it was still there and couldn’t find it, but if you’re thinking of hopping on that train, go check it out. It may be some kind of cookie that won’t let me get the deal again. 39 bucks off! Not bad.

For whatever reason, I get it when i add them to the cart!

And all the Chinese spying you could possibly want thrown in for FREE!

Firewalled, my friend. Firewalled.
And they’re US based. So I’ll waive to uncle Joe.

For you, yes. But how many others?

Oh puhlease! Because they have an office here you think the Chicoms aren’t in the loop?

EDIT: To be fair, this is true of most Chinese products. But NOT all of them require Internet access to function out of the box and require 3rd party software be installed to work around it, which is my understanding of how the OP is doing it.

The cameras in question are ouside. What the world can already see. I wouldn’t put a camera in an area that would matter.

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Yes dear :zipper_mouth_face: