Are Kuma groups coercible to "or" logic?

The Kuma monitoring groups are nice if you want be sure a set of services/devices are up having an “at glance” status overview. That is any member of a kuma group is "and"ed in order to have the group status.
What about "or"ing kuma groups? is it possible? I would like to use them for presence detection, grouping all ips (pc, mobile, …) used by family members: id at least one is active that member is at home.
Is it possible? How to do it?

As someone who hasn’t dipped his toe into Kumo, how is yours setup?

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Very likely not the cleanest solution, but you could bring them all into NR then do your logic there and then push out a mqtt topic that uptime kumo is monitoring.

Alternatively you could try for a feature request on the GitHub, it seems like something they could implement quite quickly.


Second alternative sounds much more appealing.
The first is “business as usual” :slight_smile:

A simulare request Is alredy in GitHub !

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