Aqara Opple Button - How many combos can you come up with? Challenge Accepted

I’m taking a mental break from development work and documentation to work on the “It would be nice” things around our home. Since our water heater began leaking and I realized that I didn’t have the leak sensors set up to trigger anything, At least they’re connected, right? I figured I’d better get hot on that. As I type this, I realize that my smoke detectors are neglected as well. How did this happen?

I’m not one to have dashboards or a lot of buttons, but I recently purchased two Aqara Opple buttons because I actually had a use case. Troubleshooting and testing devices and automations was my one need. I only ended up with two because it was cheaper to order two. Crazy, I know.
After some thought I decided to try to max out the presses and I’m not having great luck with that. Only because the button presses are 6 buttons x 4 sequences. 24 options. And if you actually use toggle. OOf … not good. I’m not even close. I found this little exercise interesting and I’ll eventually be able to use all of the presses. Especially when testing things we’ve created/written/built. I thought I’d post what I had. How do you button? What is your favorite button?

Again, I did this in Node-RED because it can be shared across platforms
The top 3 toggles work together in my office. I like to be able to control what’s happening with my lights when I need them. 1S will give me a quiet office. Blue with lamps off toggled back to white. but 1D will turn everything on if I’m working on things. Like soldering or standing at my workbench. 1T will turn on only the overhead light. Of course, it loops back the other buttons to default so that the lights don’t get stuck in a funk.
2S and 2D are laundry and furnace rooms. Now, I created a button to change mode for troubleshooting taking up 3S, 3D, 3T. After that, I got nuthin.
The upper Opple :grin: Can control the garage lights and outside lights and patio and kitchen and fans. and garage door. Still not coming close to being able to fill that button up either.

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I don’t want a “button” that needs a reference tome so I stick to the simpler ones. Hell, even pushed/held/doubletapped/released are more than I care to mess with.

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