Aqara FP2

Looks like it’s out…

More details:


This thing looks pretty slick. Not to sure about the wifi only though.

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I agree, very odd choice imo especially since FP1 was zigbee. Having two skus makes sense but wifi only is just odd.

so I finally got this up and running…
igiannakas/mmwave-d1mini: Room presence detection using mmWave radar (DFRobot SEN0395), D1 Mini ESP-8266 and ESPHome for HomeAssistant

it can be too good… It can see the movement in my bathroom from the exhaust fan…


Has anyone tried one of these?

I wonder how it compares to the FP2. It seems to have a lot more sensors, but doesn’t have the fancy zones of the FP2.

I bookmarked this to read later. I swear I’m going to have time for my long list.

The everything presence is the same radar sensor I linked earlier. My family is pretty pleased with it.
They added temp and a pir to it, but the HA forum has people talking about those upgrades as well if you want to do a diy.

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