Aqara curtain controller

Finally got my Xiaomi Aqara curtain set up. The first shipment there was a mix up with the track length and the vendor kindly reshipped the correct size. After a few issues with AliExpress, this level of service was a pleasant surprise. It all works nicely thanks to @markus and his excellent driver efforts. We miss him a lot “over there” :smiley: Now I’m working on getting curtain controls into my custom dashboard. It’s going to be so cool. Unfortunately this success means I need to buy many more :disappointed_relieved:



This popup opens after clicking on the curtain icon in the 3D floorplan (the icon indicates the 3 states of the curtain driven from the eventsocket - open/half/closed - where the half image is used between 10-90 position). Click any of the 3 icons on the popup to drive to 0/50/100 or use the slider. Click x to close the popup. Beautiful :joy:

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Do you plan on doing a write up for this? I would love it if you did. I’m looking into doing the same and would love some ideas. I/we miss it “over there” too. But, it is what it is and that can’t change now, but we’re happy to have Markus here. And as you know, we’re not discriminating, so come … help… talk… share. It’s welcome. That being said, I DO want to hear about your project. Please.

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Yeah I’m just awaiting my final graphics for the 2 floors I have in this property. Right now the layout is an embarrassing mess because I’ve just scattered the devices across images of floorplans I found on the interwebs. But it’s all working nicely and I’m extending the device coverage as I add new/different devices. I’m thinking maybe to offer this as a service (bespoke dashboard creation for HE + the 3D floorplan creation) so if I write it up I probably won’t share the code (it’s taken me masses of time and tinkering to set up). But yeah, can share the overall concept and what it does. Give me a month or so and I’ll put something together.

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