Animated Dashboard Backgrounds

Did you know you can use an animated GIF as dashboard background?

I found this site that has some awesome, yet subtle, animated GIF’s that make excellent backgrounds.


tumblr_p0jl2easc31upvbufo1_r1_540 tumblr_omiety22G61upvbufo1_540

How to use
You cannot link directly to that site for images. They must be downloaded and run locally or hosted elsewhere. Right click to “save image as” to download. Log into your Hub > Settings > File Manger > Upload > Chose File > and select the file downloaded.

To save files via iPad (or other mobile)
Long press the image (keep your finger on the image for 2-3 seconds). When the image “pops-out” let go. On the menu that appears choose “Save Image” (if asked “allow” permission, file gets save to Photos). Now go the Hub > Setting > File Manger > Upload > Chose File > Photo Library and you should see the GIF you just saved on top.

With the GIF saved to your hub go to a dashboard, click the settings cog, and use this style URL in the image background feild.


If any one has an additional resource for subtle GIF’s, please share. I’d love to check them out!


These are very lovely!

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If I run my dash through smartly after this will it reset to the smartly background?

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Great question!

Unfortunately, Yes. smartly will override these settings when you update :frowning: . Thankfully it’s very easy to save it though.

I recommend making a folder on a computer/NAS to save all this important stuff (hub backups, dashboard JSONs, etc). Then create a text document with all your awesome downloaded GIF links. I try to keep mine with a link, possible use, and description of the image. When needed/want to change I can just cut and paste the links.

Here’s an example.

Main - Purple Mountains

Stats - Lightening over water

Northern Lights

Winter - Trees snow

Summer - Purple sunset on lake
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