Alexa Drama

Pretty interesting story that has gotten national coverage now. Louis might be a good ally for the path OLL is trying to take. I am glad to see big names in the techtuber space taking smart home more seriously and honestly, first the LTT and Inovelli collab and now this push for not abandoning smart homes because of cloud crap but pushing to local projects like HA.

P.S. I think the company Louis works for even provides grants to pro right-to-repair and open-source projects.

As a side note: Has anyone had any luck running a local voice assistant? If so what and what kind of hardware did you end up using?

check out the espbox running willow

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That is very interesting. Hardware looks pretty nice too. I wonder if they will be coming out with a similar model without the screen and with some sort of audio out, kind of like what the echo dot is. Outside of voice commands I primarily use them as endpoints for music (usually with a set of speakers connected via 3.5mm).

I also wonder how Willow compares to what HA has been doing with their “year of the voice assistant” push.

Willow is fully integrated into HA :wink: its part of the year of voice and a strong candidate to become the default assistant for HA.

Also there are non screen versions available, and you can build your own for like $20-30 :wink:


Interesting… another gadget to investigate further!

Any First hand info Is welcome! After all I Need a simple networked speach to text device…:slight_smile:

Though I suspect my needs are larger than what this can provide at the moment, I have a ESP-BOX coming in about a month due to supply issues. I will let you guys know how it turns out and the steps I took.


I would Need a device that can send a message to an NR node with the command content following the wake word. as a second wish I would also need the text to speach function for feedbacks. That Is all for now

Currently willow is fully open and can do just about anything you want, BUT you may need to put some work in if no one else has created the basic command response structures you need.

I have not gotten my hands on one yet, too many other projects going atm, but based on my reading full STT and TTS is working and can be used to send that data to NR HA etc.

The biggest hurdle on willow at the moment is that the command response structures are still being formed. If no one has contributed the combination to allow you to say for example what is the current weather and get a weather response then it wont be able to do it.

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I would’nt need esp box (Willow) to do anything, in my case. I Need Just the raw speach to be forwarded to NR and , possibily, a text to be speached by the box, in order to abanson Alexa. Parsing and actions are currently done by NR

@april.brandt Not sure if you saw this but it might be worth a look to get a bit of extra funding. Hey maybe they could fund the UI creation, you never know.

Not sure exactly which grants OLL would fall under, but here is a page with a list of prompts/questions.


It looks like there might even be precedent for smart home projects like OpenHAB


Hi. I have mybamy Alexa device event node stucked, due to an alexa api change. I would be interested in espbox running willow in order to substitue my echos. No Advance in your experiments ?

Not really, it came but beyond that I have not experimented basically at all. Far too busy at work and when I did try, their flashing instructions were not working for me.