A nice use for a Shelly 1 - the hookup

I’ll be looking forward to looking into this type of project. Would love to have an automatic slider. These doors are neglected when it comes to home automation.


TBH I’m not sure I get the point of this project though. If you forget to shut the door, well…

And if you do shut the door I would assume you’d be automatically reaching for the latch anyway?

Now automatic sliders is another matter (although the safety aspects would be a real issue to get right - no one wants to be crushed by their DIY star trek door)

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Yah, but sliding doors have to start somewhere. I’ve only seen one or two projects attempting anything with the locks. And he says at the beginning that fire code will inhibit the feasibility of doing this. I just thought the mention of the Shelly’s was nice. I’m fond of the versatility that Shelly offers.

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