A new era begins

First, I want to welcome everyone to our new community!

If you come from the community where all our drivers and code were previously released and supported, I want to say that we will continue our work here.

Even after how we have been treated we don’t want you as users to have to suffer. We will continue our support and uphold our commitment to what we have created and shared with you all.

If you want to be certain that this does NOT also happen to you, we invite you to join us here. We are happy to provide you with a community which grows together. We strive to always be ambassadors for interoperability. We have a very simple TOS. In essence they are this (the legalese will be more complex):

  • Be nice to each other
  • No illegal activity allowed
  • Moderator decisions are final

In the Code Sanctuary category we welcome you to release projects/drivers/apps for any IoT platform you wish. If a tag for your platform doesn’t exist yet, please just ask us to add it.