2022 - What a Year

< Insert reflections here… > :slight_smile:

Certainly a lot has happened in 2022… Not my place to recount it all, I will let those that have so carefully crafted the course of the Core platform do that…

Needless to say it’s been an interesting ride so far for us Beta-Testers who have happily got our hands on the new kit on the block, pairing it with our existing tech and making things work more efficiently and reliably. Many have already converted their entire home automation setup onto Core (not just those in OLL…).

We have also enjoyed regular and useful access to the OLL team, both here on the Community, but also through Teams calls, providing a space to both get to know the people responsible for the platform, as well as helping us all get to know how the Core platform works and the philosophies behind its design.

So while the initial thrust has been hardware focused, with flourishes in the software space in recent times, with great results, I am excited to see what 2023 will bring.

Happy New Year to all.



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