2022 Prime Day Deals

Anyone find any good/great prime day deals? I got some Pico’s for a decent discount and some audio gear, but other than that, not a ton out there that is interesting. Seems like the entirety of the Kasa family is on sale, which are decent beginner smart home products, but at least I am running into the wall with how far I can take them.

I glanced at it this afternoon and wasn’t impressed either. Maybe next year. I assume that the sellers are hit with higher costs, so not much margin for discount.

I looked for pico deals but didn’t see any. Finally bit the bullet and ordered a smart lock, the zwave version of the ultraloq deadbolt was $50 off. Going to try and build a “deadbolt locked” sensor from some ZigBee contacts, even on sale I can’t justify 5 smart locks just to know everything’s locked :joy:

can you share a link? I’m curious.

Of course, https://a.co/aauCNIs

Z-wave + fingerprint, hopefully it passes the “aesthetically pleasing” test and doesn’t have to be returned :sweat_smile:

Ok, so when you go to install this, take a photo of the stickers on the back sides of the lock. CORE asks you for the programming number on that lock to pair secure. You won’t get secured pairing without it. So, make absolutely sure you document those numbers. I made that mistake because my previous environment doesn’t need them but trust me. You’ll need it. Having to take the lock off of the door is like taking the walk of shame. From the photos, it doesn’t look like it’s an eyesore. I’m not sure how I feel about the green lights.

Nothing crazy, just some warehouse deals with an additional 25% off, I think they came out to $14 each for the 5 button remotes.


I can see how that’d be annoying! The light looks like it’s an RGB status light, and off when idle. Appears to just flash green on successful unlocking. The fun part is going to be drilling the steel door

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As in this is a door without a deadbolt? or just without a screw hole? They generally include a template. Get out your level.

Yep, older house in what was a safer area.
Not the first time drilling a door, but my holesaws aren’t meant for metal. Pretty sure it’s not too thick, hollow or wooden core. Worst case I have an excuse to buy more tools :grin:

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Oh another good deal I found that is tangential to smart home, according to Camel³ it is at a historical low and supports a smorgasbord of services all while being gapless and Hi-Res.

Also Aiyima is having sales on most of their items which are great little entry level dacs, amps, preamps, headphone amps, etc.

Personally I got these:

Some better deals out there today. my friend snagged some reolinks two ptz indoor wifi for 69$