Sorry I've been MIA

As the title says.

I’m sure you can imagine I’ve been super busy working on getting things finalized for the campaign launch and the BIG egg hunt, but what you may not know is I also take care of my grandmother 24/7, and run what is best described as a miniature manufacturing and fabricating business out of my home.

This has led to a bit of overlap between my personal business and Oh-La, most recently resulting in me purchasing a new bit of equipment that has been eating up all my time as I master a new skill.

I will leave it 100000% up to your wild and crazy imaginations how my newest capabilities can be leveraged, but i decided not to let my practice go to waste.

Now what on earth could I be planning to do with all of this, where, and what is it even??? :upside_down_face:

And yes i know i need to vacuum :stuck_out_tongue:


It is really quite obvious, you are doing a Mario-themed stop motion animation film… :rofl:

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1st handfull of campaign hubs will be themed!


With all that going on you still have your humor. Good on ya!

Nah. Hes designing a mario theme for our collective core tha t includes a nes emulator…

I don’t think I have that much patience.

No but we MIGHT just give away a few unique hubs with custom logos :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually… I have tested a few game emulators on the core… they all work great :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here’s a hint thats all self adhesive vinyl…


lol I thought this might be the case… who wouldnt want to be able to play games on their automation hub lol.

Personally I just have this thing where i like to try and play mario on every piece of hardware i can… I make it work then never turn it on. kind of a nostalgic things atm.

Well the core isn’t a hub, its an ecosystem so of course its going to be able to do a good deal more than what your run of the mill hub can do :wink:


My mistake…

Which reminds me of a lingering question: Will ALL info be made available when the campaign starts, or will there be more when devices ship? Things like API, detailed specs, list of supported devices, etc.

That’s definitely the design for the rules engine


Good one!

I’m thinkin this pic is the opening salvo for egg #4.

Sorry to disappoint… This pic has nothing to do with egg #4.

And to your prior question yes all info will become available at campaign launch.


But does your new avatar?
King of spades and a key hole?

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Really now, would I do that?

Its actually the logo from a video game series…

Kindgom Hearts


Yes. I believe you would. After all twas you who hammered the point that anything, anywhere OLL or Indiegogo, by any staff is fair game for the hunt.


:fire: Ooooh … burn. :rofl:


You would :100: do that! :grin: