Shelly is getting recognized by the one and only Paul Hibbert


Not sure if it’s his corkey demeanor, funky contacts, or decent insights, but I kinda like this guy. :+1:

“she that shall not be named”


Yeah, he’s entertaining. I like being entertained. :smiley:

He’s missing a trick with Hue though; it’s actually the cheapest way to get reliable automated lighting that I’ve found, and I’ve been looking for ages. The steps are:

  1. Buy Hue bridge from eBay for £20.
  2. Buy Tuya Zigbee lights from Lidl for £7.99.

I’ve been knocked over by how reliable it is and I wittered a bit here about the completely unexpected (to me) local control you have over it. Try building a Zigbee mesh on Hubitat with any lamps and you’re in for a world of pain. How the Hue bridge copes so well with things being powered off unexpectedly and then being controllable again within a second of being powered on, I have no idea.

Of course they try to hobble you into their own kit by not exposing third-party devices to HomeKit, but that problem is solved very easily by Homebridge and this brilliant homebridge-hue plugin.

Sadly, I can no longer see the Zigbee logo without that phrase coming to mind… :rofl:


OHHH the Zigbee! :smile:

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Someone needs to invite him over here.


Great idea he was on the Hubitat community which was really cool. I hope he comes over :slight_smile: