First Egg Walkthrough

Egg #1 Details

Appeared - 3/20/21 in the post
Someone has to say it! - #32 by RRodman
Type - password protected steganographic image
Location - Non standard Emoji at end of post

Steps to open the egg

Step 1 - Download the Emoji and decrypt it using the password which was given with the image and can be learned from the phrase “patience is key”

decryption site Password: patience

Step 2 - Use the URL and password clue obtained from completing step 1 to get to a password protected file

The decrypted clue from step one gives the URL of with a PW hint of PMM

Step 3 - Discover the given password does not work and realize it is most likely a Cipher. Figure out the cipher used to determine the password and use the proper password to download the .zip file

The password is encoded using a simple character shift, also known as a Caesar Cipher
(Caesar Cipher (Shift) - Online Decoder, Encoder, Solver, Translator)
By shifting one letter left we come up with the proper password PMM = OLL

Step 4 - Attempt to open the .zip file and discover it is invalid/corrupt! Analyze the file to determine what is wrong with it and fix it

Use a program or site like to analyze the file type and discover it is actually a JPEG!!!
Rename the .zip file to .jpg

At this point you have completed the first egg and are left with the below image. Do not reveal this if you would like to work through the egg and discover the surprise yourself.


Special thanks to TechMedX for the intial write-up this was based off

Zigbee in Binary is unknown


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