Egg 4

IF @RRodman avi and hint about using it for a clue is anything to go by, can I say somewhat that it IS egg 4? And does egg 4 have an official name?
Or has anyone else come across anything else which could be the 4th egg??
We’re getting close to the 1st of may now :grinning:

That’s what I’ve made of Rob’s writings.

I think that IS the official name because 1-3 were “named” that way.

My calendar agrees.

:eyes: :eyes:

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Im quite excited for the launch.

It sure seems this way. Ive had no luck finding the start point.

I am still hoping for a wakthrough on egg 3. We got to the end however im still a bit unsure abiut the clues…

Likewise… launch date is exciting!

The only other clue ive found is this? But i dont know if its for egg 3 as i missed most of that!
EDIT: Image removed (egg 3)

Yeah it was part of Egg 3, but who knows if it is going to be used again.

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There’s always that possibility!

I hope the Egg 3 walkthrough comes out soon because even after knowing the answer, I still cannot draw a contiguous line between all of the clues leading to the answer. Like the answer is within the realm of possibility, but other than getting lucky with a guess, I have no clue how anyone would have gotten it, at least with the clues that I know currently.

Gave me flashbacks:



I have a feeling this was the inspiration for @RRodman

I have never actually seen that clip before… But if you thought that was complicated your not going to want to go anywhere near Egg 4 lol

And because I’m nice and no one has figured out how to extract the original image from my profile :wink:

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Sadly someone will have to compile that for me and ill fill in the blanks as best I can… Long story short… Ram stick went bad, ended up with a corrupted hard drive before I caught it, the egg solution was on said drive. (Don’t worry it doesn’t impact egg 4 at all)

lol is that your way of telling us to quit holding our breath for the egg 3 walkthrough?

edit. nm just saw the above post

anyone see a key laying around???

I knew s man who was fond of saying, “You can count a man’s troubles by his keys.”

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Lol seems im trouble free atm

One can’t figure out how to extract it if one can’t even find it! Do tell where it is.

EDIT: @RRodman are you sure locked.png is viewable by us? Still no clue where it is but I suppose that’s a nit at this point because you posted the file.

Its my profile picture… I assumed those of you raping the site for every image would have a way to get at the base, but since no one has i just shared it and made note not to use profile images on here again

Your profile page Robert Rodman | Oh-La LABS has the previous avatar pic of you and your dog and your community page Profile - RRodman - Oh-La LABS Community has your new avatar as 1364_2.png which I fruitlessly beat to death. Where is this profile of which you speak?

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The one here on the community… I thought someone had figured out how to get at the real base image not the discourse rename which is what i shared here on the thread since it seems i was wrong

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Thank you.

I don’t recall seeing anything about that.