Egg 4 - Clue 6

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Please tell me that reverse words are not valid…please… :sob:

They are. Uncircled letterd reveal url

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i get a url that does not seem to work…


Also none of the 32 variations of the url seem to work if they are case sensitive.

Now that is odd… the proper combination of case on the url should provide you with the file. Annnnd it does not anymore… Maybe the guessing around the name triggered some server security that erased the file…
Well here it is again directly to avoid that issue. Sorry Guys

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I am sorry it didn’t work or if we broke something, it was fun nonetheless. Maybe obfuscate the URL’s with tinyurl’s or similar redirectors so you can point a new URL to the static one that is part of the hunt if the content one breaks?

Nah I think we triggered some sort of protection i was unaware of guessing at the URL, The proper url that i made sure worked before posting no longer goes to anything.

I’ll just make sure in the future urls are very clear :slight_smile:


@RRodman for my sanity could you share the original url?

Gofile - Free file sharing and storage platform

Was the space put in to intentionally screw with us then? Because it is 5 characters after /_/ but if it was meant to be 6 characters there would not be enough spaces for the full password. Also was “ir” supposed to be in there 5 times because if so, it blocks out part of the password?

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Thank you sir. Lol although now that weve got it open i dont have a clue what to do with the contents… Lol got another easy one like the word search? More my speed.

And thus another reason to brute force where possible. :stuck_out_tongue:

@RRodman, would you please tell us which clue goes with numbers 1-5? It’ll make my notes, and future references, unambiguous.

Im sorry but I cannot… figuring out the logic that ties the clues together is part of the game. If i start telling you what goes where i’ll ruin part of the challenge.

Obviously I’m not going to prevent anyone from brute forcing their way forward, BUT then again this is me, im devious, and i may have come up with a way to hide clues in the process of solving a password :wink:

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Then why label this one 6?

Yes and it is recognized as a potential sacrifice. Again, for the record, we’d all MUCH rather figure out everything but, as you have pointed out, we’re not doing a great job of it. I have no doubt it’s part of your design but every answer leaves at least 2 new questions. :unamused:


This one is labeled because its a fun hand out clue… This egg doesn’t require any real thought, just a simple word find, and i thought i would be nice and not make you guys go crazy trying to figure out if this unlocked anything else :wink:

I don’t recall saying that at all! If you were referring to my comment about not having found everything out there yet, well that was actually me trying to drop a hint there are more clues to be found without getting in trouble for giving hints. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like its a good thing this was supposed to be a easy giveaway clue cause it appears it was just screwed up from the start. Never trust a program to generate a puzzle for you…
For those interested here is the original solve, and as you can see the error is even there i just didnt notice it


The password is:


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Clue 6!:pleading_face:
I haven’t got through 1 & 2 yet, and dropping #6​:worried:

Better start upping my game!

FWIW, I’m not through #2 either.