Egg 4 -Clue 1

Since @RRodman has suggested we have a topic for each clue, I thought I may as well start off.
I’m going to call this one Clue 1 as its what seems was 1st noticed. If incorrect, we can change it.
Robs AVI.

Hidden message:
Once the Key is found it begins, but no board or Blade shall let you hack your way through.

That’s all I have on this. Does someone else have anything they wish to add?

I know the image is from Kingdom Hearts and i think the centre lock is called a keyblade??
I have read a little bit about kingdom hearts (since i dont play that game) but havent been able to put anything else together!!

Well someone else has found the next step, the question is will they decide to share?

Take a good look here. The post has been edited.


More homework! :grin:

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