[Egg 3] April's Kiss (MSRP Egg)

I found this:

which I assume is Clue 3, but the steg is also ciphered, but it seems like a non-simple cipher to me as, assuming it is a URL, the “t” is both an “a” and an “e”. Also a 2 character top level domain is odd.

I wonder if the steg has a password for the right info, and the passwordless entry is a false clue.


is that possible? dang trickyness :rofl:


Also maybe someone should backfill this category with the clues we have so far so they are organized into one place.

It’s actually on my to-do list. Now if someone else would like to do if for me great and thank you! Otherwise I’ll eventually make a thread for each of the 3 eggs that are basically a spoiler enclosed step by step breakdown of how to get through the egg and solve each step of the puzzle.

I’m also going to make a thread that condenses some basic resources and information about the entire process to help bring any new users that want to join in up to speed :slight_smile:


Do you want the actual ‘spoiler’ posted, or just al the steps to get it?

I hate these. Based on the last upload it was sent to a specific upload website which I assume is the same one. So we essentially have all but the last link (possibly) I attempted to decode but I GOT STUCK

Wait, what issue are you having? I downloaded the kiss image and threw it into this website:
Steganographic Decoder (futureboy.us)
But it returns a ciphered? output which is where I am stuck now.

It’s a web address. So the first bit is https//
And the previous decode from the Easter eggs was a specific upload site (I won’t name to spoil) site, which fits. So the last part from the / is the only bit that should in theory need deciphering

oh, I see what you mean now. Yeah it should be somewhat easier to decipher now that you have a lot of pre-deciphered characters through your inferences. The question is, what type of cipher is it?

Vigenere Cipher

Don’t wanna ruin your fun. Where does help end, and a spoiler begin? :laughing: (not fully cracked…yet)

FYI - I have no knowledge of what tricky Rodman has done with these eggs, or process for any of them. I just want everyone to know I’m just playing along as well. And spending WAY too much time doing so! Addicting :rofl: .

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I plan on doing the explainer/spoiler posts using the spoiler tag.
Probably something along the lines of

The starting point for egg 1 can be found on post X (link)
spoiler Image of actual egg spoiler
Image is encoded and need to be run through a decrypter
spoiler link to decryptrer

Basically im going to keep all steps hidden initially so people can work through them and only look up the answer when they get stuck.

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Well considering you figured out it was a vigenere cipher so quickly your putting a bit of a damper on my fun… i expected it to be at least 2 or 3 days before someone discovered the clue to that and determined what it meant lol


I guess I’m better at this game than I thought. ok I’ll do some “real” work today then :laughing:

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I think you guys are just getting used to how to do these, which is good thing since these are just the warm up Mwa Ha Ha Ha Ha

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Another little tidbit… Scroll to the bottom and follow the white rab… egg.




Down the hole we go!


in the meantime does anyone see another password laying around anywhere?

I seem to find myself back where I started lol…

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I really appreciate that, @Cwwilson08, because my browser doesn’t display it and I’d NEVER have found it.

and we are trying to determine why now :slight_smile:

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So you can also backwards engineer the cipher key with a little few known assumptions such as the fact that it is a ciphered URL, and to confirm the domain is likely reused from previous clues.

I used the Tabula Recta on that page to decipher the cipher key.

But still not solved unfortunately… they really love their passwords :laughing:

Also those emotes and the quantity/order must mean something, I am guessing it is the password I need.

I noticed they also really love 4: 4 bunnies/rabbits, 4 eggs, 4 bunnies/rabbits and ohla is 4 letters.

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