Easter Egg Hunt

As some of you may know I have a bit of a mischievous streak and love a good mystery or puzzle.

So we have decided to have some fun with you and the campaign!

Starting at some point in the past, and continuing randomly until the campaign launches, we will be dropping clues or easter eggs if you will about the campaign and the core.

These eggs can appear anywhere, in any form, and can come from any member of the team. You are going to have to keep your eyes peeled and analyze everything or you might miss something big!

We aren’t going to send you out there entirely unarmed however. Do a bit of research on other egg hunts. Maybe look into cryptography, steganography, code breaking and cipher texts.

Good Luck and happy hunting!

P.S. You may need info from one egg to crack open another :wink:


Stenography—or steganography??

Or is that an egg??

honestly both would be appropriate but i meant steg so i have corrected the original post


Are we to post what we find here?

I seem to have come across a password protected zip file - secret.zip


Totally up to each one of you guys. You can make this a community project and discuss your findings helping each other, or you can go it alone.

The only thing I would ask is that you don’t give away the actual secret/prize at the end of each clue chain…


lol anyone see anything laying around that looks like a password?

@RRodman this is going to drive me crazy…


Don’t drive yourself crazy, take a break from it and relax, something may come to you or you may stumble across something browsing the forum. Im sure we’ll have even more people hunting tomorrow trying to help :slight_smile:

Although it really is too bad you can’t just make an automation to figure it out for you. Might be able to do something with a coral, but by the time you figured out how to train it all the eggs would be solved :stuck_out_tongue:


There are about 47 easter eggs (I think) the device will cost $47

Early adopters price? :grin::wink:

with AES-256 the eggs would be rotten at best. :laughing:

I believe I have found a clue… :thinking:


Looks like Morse Code for “Egg Hunting”, or something very close to that.

UPDATE: Perhaps it is actually “EØGHUNTING”


I wonder if that’s the password I’m looking for…

Stupid work interfering with important egg hunting.


The first ‘g’ appears to be mis-spelled in morse code?

Or, it was intentional and the result is “EØGHUNTING”


@ogiewon what url was that image on?

Red Herring Perhaps? The original way people were supposed to discover we had eggs hidden and I got impatient waiting for you guys to notice? Could the use of morse code be a hint for an egg that hasn’t been discovered or released yet? So many possibilities :slight_smile:

No $47 is not the price for early adopter… BUT there is an egg out there related to the campaign pricing :wink:

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Lol I sure hope I’m not hunting for something that isn’t there. No fair!!!

This was likes by staff going with 69 dollars now

Nope I just like the number 69 for reasons lol


:astonished: :smiling_imp: