2nd Egg Walkthrough

Egg #2 Details

Appeared - 3/22/21 as the post Easter Egg Hunt
Type - steganographic image (no password)
Give away - Random dot on an egg in the image

Steps to open the egg
Step 1 - Decrypt the image

no password needed on this one. Steganographic Decoder

Step 2 - Follow information from step 1 to download the zip file.


Step 3 - Attempt to open the zip file and discover it is password protected. After some searching on the forums discover the clue to the passwords location was actually posted in the egg hunt thread!

Easter Egg Hunt - #24 by RRodman which reads:
from prose of fourth with showers fair, on bridge of white, the key lies there.

Step 4 - Translate the oddly poetic clue into standard english and discover the location of the password is in another post on the board.

from prose of fourth with showers fair, on bridge of white, the key lies there.
This one can be a bit tricky as it is a play on words and requires you realizing that the word fourth is being referenced in several ways.

prose of fourth, a post made by the “fourth”.
fourth with showers fair - The fourth month of the year is known for its showers
April is the 4th month and a member of staff here on board!!!

the rest of the clue is fairly straightforward once you have worked out what the fourth is.

The password is on top of the white bridge in one of April’s posts.

Step 5 - Locate the indicated post and obtain the password from it, then use the password to open the zip file

The post in question is here : How can I organize things?
If you look closely at the image in the post you will notice that on the monitor is an image containing a white bridge…
Zoom in on the image in her monitor and you discover the password is automation

Step 6 - View the revealed image - Do not reveal if you wish to work through the egg and discover the ending on your own

Onwards to egg 3!


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